Simply You

The treasure is so obvious
it’s almost always missed.
It’s nothing new,
just simply you
without the things you see.

Finding perfect freedom is not about getting something you don’t have.
It’s about understanding who you really are. That’s why the treasure is so obvious – because it’s just you.

The word ‘obvious’ is very important here. Since you currently don’t feel like you rest in perfect freedom, your mind will assume that it has to look elsewhere for the treasure, which is not true. It doesn’t seem to make sense, that you only have to look at your obvious, everyday life which seems so imperfect, but it is true. Beware, the mind will constantly tell you that you have to look elsewhere and find something that is new, better, transcended, or higher. Remember, if you’re not looking in your obvious, normal, everyday experience you simply won’t find the treasure. This is why it’s almost always missed. It’s so obvious.

It’s nothing new, just simply you.
Look no further than the everyday, obvious you who’s reading these words right now. Don’t try to find anything, simply follow along with the logic presented in these teachings. Think deeply on them, then see if your own direct experience confirms or disproves them. That’s all. It’s a simple process of re-examining some basic ideas you have about your self.