The Greatest Treasure

In this world of ups and downs,
a hidden treasure to be found.
Always present,
never changing.
Find it and you’re free!

Life is all ups and downs. The great things are amazing and the hard things are brutal. Your direct experience, what you know from your own life, confirms this to be true. There’s nothing we can do about it. Life is up and life is down. It never stays the same, it’s always shifting, changing, even disappearing, and it’s never, ever under our control.

The good news is that within all of life’s experiences, there is actually a perfect freedom. It’s been spoken of by many religions, mystics, teachers and ordinary people over the ages.

This perfect freedom is as real as you are. It’s not magical or mystical, and you can find it if you want because it’s obvious, ordinary, and even logical.

When you find it you will no longer be pushed around by life’s ups and downs.

You will be free.